Adam Wetsman, Ph.D.

Anthropology 101

In this general education course, people are investigated from the perspective of evolutionary theory. Students will learn about the process of natural selection and related issues including patterns of inheritance. Also included will be an examination of the closest living relatives to humans, primates, with an emphasis on behavior and ape societies. An extensive survey of human ancestors will trace the origins of various life forms and recount how ape–like creatures evolved into modern humans. Students will also discover how natural selection can be used as a tool to understand patterns of human variation. This course is designed for anthropology majors, those with an interest in anthropology, or anyone with a desire to further their understanding of humans from an evolutionary perspective.

Overview of Course Requirements

Students are expected to attend classes and attendance will be taken. There will be several midterms, each worth between ten and fifteen percent of the course grade. Students must write a paper based upon observations of primates at a zoo and limited fact-finding about the species observed. A final examination will be worth about twenty percent of the final grade. Limited extra credit and bonus opportunities will be available. Note: exact course requirements and grading standards are based upon a syllabus available at the beginning of each term.


The textbook for the on-campus course is only available at the Rio Hondo College bookstore.  This is a study guide which provides valuable information and gives you access to the online textbook.

For information for the textbook for the online class, follow the “Online” link at the left.