Adam Wetsman, Ph.D.

Anthropology 110 

This course is designed to provide the student who has an interest in human sexuality with an introduction to this subject as a form of culturally- influenced social interaction. Topics addressed include historical views of sexuality, gender identity, and the impact of cultural change on sexual interest and activity. A social scientific analysis of various aspects of human sexual behavior will be used to examine sexuality as a form of social interaction in a cultural context. Various social theories and relevant empirical research are critically analyzed from both a Western and non-Western perspective.

Overview of Course Requirements

Students are expected to attend classes and attendance will be taken. There will be several midterms, each worth between fifteen and twenty percent of the course grade. Students must write a paper based upon observational work. A final examination will be worth about twenty percent of the final grade. Limited extra credit and bonus opportunities will be available. Note: exact course requirements and grading standards are based upon a syllabus available at the beginning of each term.


The textbook for the class is Sexuality Today (10th Edition) by Gene Kelly. The text is available through the Rio Hondo College Bookstore for about $120. Used versions cost about $70.  You can get an online version of the textbook at for about $53.  Earlier editions might also be appropriate, but you should check before making a purchase.