Adam Wetsman, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Rio Hondo College
3600 Workman Mill Road
Whittier, California 90601
562 / 463-7463
Teaching Experience
Rio Hondo College - 2000 to Present
Full-time anthropology instructor responsible for teaching, developing curriculum, assisting part-time instructors, preparing planning documents including student learning outcomes, and managing laboratory materials. Have taught about 300 sections of introductory physical anthropology, physical anthropology lab, cultural anthropology, human sexuality, archaeology, and introductory sociology classes, including over 100 sections online. Served on numerous committees, including the Curriculum Committee, Academic Senate, the Virtual College Steering Committee, Planning and Fiscal Council, Scholarship Committee, the Classroom Implementation Committee, and others.

Part-Time Teaching - 1998 to Present
Taught approximately 50 sections of anthropology and sociology classes at several educational institutions both online and on campus in the Los Angeles area (and online through a college in Florida), including Compton College, El Camino College, the Los Angeles Community Colleges, College of the Canyons, Glendale College, Long Beach College, Santa Monica College, and upper-division classes at UCLA.

Anthropology, Ph.D. – University of California, Los Angeles
Sociology, M.S. – University of Wisconsin, Madison
Law, J.D. – University of Wisconsin, Madison
B.A. in Liberal Students - University of California, Santa Barbara
A.S. in Public Safety - Rio Hondo Community College

State Bar Membership
California State Bar (inactive status)

Leadership Experience - General

Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (2013 to present)
Currently serving as President, after holding the offices of President-Elect (2016-2017), Regional Governor (2014-2016), and Governor-at-Large (2013-2014), for the statewide professional membership association that advocates solely for community college faculty. Member of the Policy Committee (2012 to 2015) and Chair (2013 to 2015), which makes recommendation for actions, analyzes statewide issues, and reviews articles for publication. Member of the Nominations, Leadership Identification and Elections Committee (2014 to 2015). Chair of the Legislative Committee (2015 to 2017).

Community College Association - Board of Directors (2011 to present)
Elected official on the Board for CCA, the higher education affiliate of the California Teacher's Association, serving over 40 chapters, with over 10,000 members, across California on matters related to benefits and working conditions. Participated on the Real Student Success Task Force Committee, the Emergency Response Task Force, the Budget Committee, and the Conference Committee. Coordinator of the California Leadership Academy, which offers advanced training for members seeking to move into state-level offices.

ASCCC - Accreditation and Assessment Committee (2013 to 2014)
Member of the committee for the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. Helped develop positions on accreditation, prepare for an accreditation institute, and develop resolutions for plenary meetings.

National Education Association - Emerging Leaders Academy (2004 to 2005)
Participant in a three-session training program (lasting about a dozen total days) over a nine-month period that brings together professionals from across the country and all categories of higher education to help strengthen leadership skills.

SanFACC Mentoring Program (2012 to 2013)
Cohort member of the San Gabriel/Foothill Association of Community Colleges program which paired employees (faculty and classified staff) with college administrators from different districts to provide advice and leadership training. Met regularly with a mentor to discuss issues related to college governance.

Leadership Experience - Rio Hondo College

Academic Senate

Served as President of the Academic Senate from 2012 to 2014 and Vice President from 2011 to 2012. Developed and introduced codification of governance processes for reassigned time and participatory governance. Implemented modern meeting standards. Revised constitution and by-laws of the Senate. Co-chaired the Planning and Fiscal Council, which oversees college budgetary and governance matters, including the revision of Board policies and administrative procedures.

Accreditation Leadership Team

Served as co-chair of the committee (2012-2014), which oversees the entire accreditation process for Rio Hondo College. Responsible for preparing updates to the Board of Trustees and the entire college community. Coordination of the chairs for each of the standards and for the development of protocols for reporting accreditation data.

Faculty Association

Have held several positions in the Rio Hondo College Faculty Association (RHCFA) including:

    • President (2009 to 2011) – Served approximately 500 union members by leading meetings, setting goals, processing grievances, maintaining the Association webpage, providing employment-related assistance, overseeing Board elections, and serving on numerous committees college.
    • Vice-president (2008 to 2009) – Assisted the president in many areas including negotiations, communications, membership recruitment, and others.
    • Negotiations Chairperson (2007 to present) – Currently leading a team of negotiators to bargain over $150 million worth of salary and benefits for members.  Responsible for most of the financial analysis for RHCFA.
    • Treasurer (2006 to 2008) – Was the first to utilize electronic bookkeeping.  Established systematic investment of reserve funds.  Prepared budgets and monthly expenditure reports.
    • Campus Affairs Chairperson (2005 to 2006) – Provided information to members on benefits and other areas.  Worked with Staff Development Coordinator to develop and deliver a new faculty orientation program.

Leadership Academy

Acted as both a participant in the Academy cohort and as the first Faculty Coordinator.

    • Cohort member (2010 to 2011) – Participated in ten, day-long workshops on a variety of leadership issues including theory, ethics, self-awareness, communication, strategic planning, team building, and others.
    • Faculty Coordinator (2010 to 2011) – Worked as part of the Academy team that put together all of the content for workshops and a two-day retreat.  Acted as liaison between the committee and cohort members.
Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator (2014 to present)
Responsible for the college-wide coordination of student learning outcomes data and assessment.

Study Abroad Coordinator (2015 to present)
Responsible for assisting students participate in programs going to London and Salamanca, Spain.

Behavioral and Social Science Division
Developed curriculum for the anthropology department. Secured a $50,000 Partnership for Excellence grant to help establish a laboratory class in anthropology. Helped collect funds from division faculty for the Rio Hondo College Foundation. Arranged numerous social gathering for the division.

New Faculty Orientation
Co-developer and facilitator of a series of workshops for tenure-track faculty at Rio Hondo College. Responsible for creating information sessions which exposed participants to college services, examined best practices, and educated faculty on Academic Senate, union, and employment matters.

Student Success Workshop (2014)
Developed and facilitated a workshop for close to three dozen faculty members to examine ways to increase student success. Presented findings to the Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, and Planning and Fiscal Council. Applied for and received Staff Development funding for the workshop.

Faculty Advisor - The One Less Victim Project (2011 to 2012)
Helped students arrange meeting locations, set meeting agendas, arrange for community presentations, and fulfill membership requirements for the club whose purpose was to educate college students on avoiding becoming the victims of sexual assault.

Textbook Development

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gnutext®, LLC, a Local Source Textbook™ company, that offers low-cost, high-quality textbooks to students in multiple formats including in print, online, and for mobile devices.  Personally formatted and published all materials. The following titles are currently offered:

    • The Physical Anthropology Quest – Individually wrote a printed study guide and online textbook, which has been used since 2006, saving students over $100,000 in textbook costs during that time.
    • The Cultural Anthropology Journey – Organized a team of 8 authors to write a group online textbook, which has been used for several years.
    • Published multiple textbooks written by Dr. Ted Preston for use in his classes at Rio Hondo College including Introduction to Philosophy, An Ancient Way of Life, Political Philosophy, Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy of Ethics.
    • The Sociology Project – Organized a team of 10 authors to write a group online textbook, which will be available for students in Fall 2013.
    • Argumentation and Debate – Published a textbook written by Gil Puga for use in his classes at Rio Hondo College.
    • The 21st Century Orator – Published a textbook written by Gil Puga for use in his classes at Rio Hondo College

Publications, Awards, and Presentations
Publications and Academic Writing
    • Wetsman, A. 2016. Local Faculty Input on Student Success - A Six-Part Series. FACCC Blog.
    • Wetsman, A. 2014. Educational Mookery. FACCCTS: Journal of the Faculty Association of the Community Colleges of California.  Winter 2014.
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    • Wetsman, A.  2009.  An Accreditation Tale. Community College Association Advocate, 48(3).
    • Marlowe, F., and Wetsman, A.  2001.  Preferred Waist–to–Hip Ratio and Ecology.  Personality and Individual Differences 30: 481-489.
    • Wetsman, A. and Marlowe, F.  1999.  How Universal Are Male Waist-to-Hip Ratio Preferences? Evidence from the Hadza of Tanzania. Evolution and Human Behavior, 20:  219–228.
    • Dissertation.  1998.  Within- and Between-Sex Differences in Human Mate Choice:  An Evolutionary Perspective.  Dissertation Abstracts International 1999; 59(9-A): 3526.
    • Thesis. 1996. The Importance of Attributes in Mate Preference Studies:  A Methodological Investigation.
    • Thesis.  1990. A Sociobiological View of Shame and Embarrassment
Conference Presentations
    • Wetsman, A. 2014 Teaching about the Evolution and Creationism Debate in Physical Anthropology Classes. Presented at the California Community College Anthropology Teachers Conference, Paso Robles, California.
    • Wetsman, A. and F. Marlowe.  1999.  How Universal Are Male Waist-to-Hip Ratio Preferences? Evidence from the Hadza of Tanzania.  Paper presented at the Human Behavior and Evolution Society Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah.
    • Wetsman, A. 1999. Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentations for the Classroom.  World Wide Web Presentation for the Professional Development Online Conference hosted by Honolulu Community College.
    • Wetsman, A. 1997.  Reliability of and Influences on the Self-Perceived Mating Success Scale.  Paper presented at the Human Behavior and Evolution Society Annual Meeting, Tucson, Arizona.
    • Wetsman, A. 1996.  The Importance of Attributes in Mate Preference Studies: A Methodological Investigation.  Paper presented at the Human Behavior and Evolution Society Annual Meeting, Evanston, Illinois.
Awards and Grants
    • Title V Stipend (Rio Hondo College - 2013) - Assessing Skype for online classes
    • Community College Association - WHO Award - We Honors Ours (2012)
    • Partnership for Excellence Grant - $50,000 for development of a physical anthropology laboratory class at Rio Hondo College
    • UCLA University Fellowship (1998)
    • UCLA Registration Fee Grant (1998, 1997, 1996)
    • UCLA Department of Anthropology Research Stipend (1998, 1997, 1995)
    • UCLA Department of Anthropology Conference Travel Stipend (1996)