Adam Wetsman, Ph.D.

Online Classes

Anthropology 101 and 102 online are the same courses as 101 and 102 on campus, except offered online. The course descriptions, transferability, and general education requirements are the same. See the 101 and 102 links for more information.

Overview of Course Requirements

Anthropology 101 and 102 are divided into multiple units which must be completed about every two weeks (or every week for short terms). Each unit contains of a few hours worth of audio/video lectures and accompanying reading assignments. Grading for the units is based upon a unit test, homework, and participation in online discussions. Each unit can be completed in six to ten hours. Classes require a six-page paper based upon the course material. Note: exact course requirements and grading standards are based upon a syllabus available at the beginning of each term Students do not need to be on campus at all to successfully complete the course. There are no midterms or a final, only unit tests, homework, and discussions. The ability to work ahead is somewhat limited since the units are not made available all at once.


Textbooks for the courses are online only; there are no printed versions.  Follow the Gnutext link at the left to purchase the books.

Getting Started

Once the term begins, follow the Blackboard link at the left and contact me via email if you have trouble. You must log on the class website and complete the Orientation Quiz with a perfect score during the first week of the term or YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE IN THE CLASS. This may result in a "W" grade.

Course Syllabi

You can review the course information by selecting the links below:

Anthropology 101 - Spring 2014

Anthropology 102 - Summer 2013